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vendredi 23 octobre 2020

No 1

Philip Long
A German mercenary soldier
(3rd English-Waldeck Mercenary Regiment)
during the American Revolutionary War
of 1775-1783
During the second half of the ARW, Philip Long switched
companies, but they were all cavalry regiments.
I think this picture fits him quite well,
since he was 23 when he set foot in America in 1776.
The birthplace of my ancestor, Philip Long, has been the subject of intense debates for a very long time in my family. In 1923, Mgr Ernest Lang started a research that is still going on today.

In 1976, he published a book titled, L’héritage des Lang (Long). Récit bibliographique, généalogique et historique de John Philip Long (1757-1832). It wasn’t the end of the research: it was rather the beginning! His book contained a shaky hypothesis, but also a ton of historical documents about Philip’s life in Canada.

Since that publication, many members of my family have made colossal efforts over decades to refine the hypothesis of Mgr Ernest. Read about them in section No. 15 of the blog. They are: Ghislain Long, Benoît Long and Gilles Long. They share one particular characteristic that I consider essential to get at some significant result in this kind of research: they work with hypotheses and their conclusions are based of documents. They do what we call a « documentary research ». This kind of research is not done around a kitchen table. A genealogical research is surely an efficient way to learn to deal with frustrations. 

Lately, I have made an effort to find the birthplace of Philip. Time is not on my side anymore and very few younger members of the Long/Lang family seem interested in pursuing this endeavor. Nevertheless, everyone is longing to have this question answered once and for all.

My research lasted two months. I am 99% confident that Philip Long was a German mercenary soldier during the American Revolutionary War of 1775-1783 in the  2nd Waldeck Company (Third English-Waldeck Mercenary Regiment). I still need to gather more information to complete my research. Since I’m working with German collaborators, it will take some time to put a definite end to my research. Be patient. That last stretch of the research is time-consuming and expensive. My priority is to get a particular and decisive document in Germany. From his military file, I know where he lived before leaving Germany for America. Till then, get your hand on a history book about the Hessians.

As soon as I will get some new and important information, you will be advised through the Facebook group, Clair, NB. 

Don’t write to me saying that you already had it figured out a long time ago.
But, if you do, make sure that you have adequate documentation to back it up.

Now. Let’s Rock’n roll...

mardi 10 décembre 2019

Pensacola to Savannah

From Pensacola to Savannah
In the search for the origins of my ancestor, Philip Long, I have formulated an hypothesis: he could be a Hessian soldier from Germany, a mercenary hired by England to fight a Rebellion in the USA in 1775. In 2015, the documentation that I had on hand led me to pursue this hypothesis. With time and more search, this hypothesis could find itself in my rear-view mirror. 

Many indicators led me to believe that my ancestor who registered in the King's American Regiment (KAR) in the autumn of 1781 in Savannah Georgia could be the same soldier who deserted from the West Florida Royal Foresters (WFRF) in May of the same year in Pensacola.

Wilbur H. Siebert published a book in 1902 about this desertion in May 1781 and the events that followed. It seems that my assumption is realistic. It doesn't mean that Philip Long was of German ancestry, but it means that Philip Long from Pensacola Florida is probably the same as Philip Long in Savannah Georgia, the later one being my ancestor. 
In the autumn of 1778, soldiers and civilians were sent from New York to various Southern areas, an event known as The Big Runaway. Todd Braisted wrote that 10 000 individuals were part of this Runaway. From this number, around 1 200 were sent to Pensacola FL: figures vary from 1 200 to 3 500. Since the North had already been lost to the Patriots, Britain wanted to save and reinforce the South. It turned out that they rather had to save the ones sent in 1781....

It seems unrealistic to think that Philip Long of the WFRF was living in Pensacola before 1778. According to General Campbell, in charge of the regiments arriving from New York, it was « the worst place in the world ». It sure was isolated and inhospitable. 
The WFRF was raised in Florida in 1779 with a handful of members of the Loyal Refugees. Almost two years after (April 1st, 1781), that number had increased to only 43. Half of them deserted on May 9th, 1781, including Philip Long. 

Why do I think that Philip Long from the WFRF could be Philipp Lange who deserted in August of 1778 from his Waldeck regiment? First, Don Hagist have demonstrated that hundreds of Hessians were part of the regular British regiments. Second, if Hessian deserters were not allowed to come back to their original regiment, they conceivably could register in a Loyalist militia. Third, the Waldeck regiment was sent to Florida in 1778. Philipp Lange had also a brother (Henrich) who was part of this Hessian regiment.
Siebert explained that many were captured while hiding in the swamps, but many managed to escape. Those who were successful at escaping the Spanish army took two different routes, but they all arrived months later in Savannah Georgia

My ancestor Philip Long was in Savannah Georgia in the autumn of 1781 and had registered in a new cavalry regiment called the KAR. The WFRF was also known as a regiment of cavalry

Another excerpt taken from Wilbur Siebert's book... 

jeudi 5 décembre 2019

John Long (1815)

(Version française à la fin du document)
John Long (1815), the ancestor of Darl Long 
in our haplogroup i-M223 
NOTE. The following document is an attempt to locate John Long.

Darl Long’s ancestor can be traced back to Gaines NY. He was born c1815 and always maintained that he was born in PA, so was his father. Nevertheless, we have never been able to track this family in PA. Finding the father of a John Long in PA is next to impossible. So it seemed 15 years ago. But, at that time I had saved many files from Erie, PA. I had a second look at these files today.

Moreover, we know that Sybilla Long was the daughter of Sarah Piper & John Long born in 1850 in Erie PA. Her brothers were George Jackson (1843) & William (1845). The note left by Sybilla is quite revealing.

Sybilla Long-Hugues
I was born Feb 15, 1850 in Erie Co. Pennsylvania.
My father’s name was John R. Long born in Germany.
My mother’s name was Sarah Piper born in England
The family was in Gaines Orleans NY in the 1850 Census. Sarah had taken charge of one sister and two brothers. The three children were born in Pennsylvania. Sybilla is not one year-old yet.

Let’s assume that John was in Erie in 1840 at the age of 25.
1840 Census in Erie PA 
(1) 1840 Census in North East Erie PA
This census shows a head of family (Samuel) at the age of appr. 75. He has a son of appr. 25. In different documents, the date of birth of John (husband of Sarah Piper & Nancy Parker) varies between 1814 and 1817. So, this document could be the family of John (1815). But, it is not the only family from Erie PA that could be John Long’s family (1815).

(2) 1840 Census in Mill Creek Erie PA 
There is also the family of Jacob Long with a son of appr. 25 years-old. 

(3) 1840 Census in Erie Erie PA
There is a third family (William) showing a man of appr. 25 years-old. This family might not include a man born in 1815 by the name of John. 

In 1850, the family of John (1815) and Sarah Piper had moved from Erie PA to Gaines Orleans NY.

John Long (1815), l'ancêtre de Darl Long 
dans notre haplogroupe i-M223
NOTE. Le document qui suit est une tentative pour localiser John Long.

L'ancêtre de Darl Long (John Long) remonte à Gaines NY. Il est né vers 1815 et a toujours soutenu qu'il était né en Pennsylvanie, tout comme son père. Néanmoins, nous n'avons jamais été en mesure de suivre cette famille en Pennsylvanie. Trouver le père d'un John Long en PA est presque impossible. C'est ce qu'il me semblait il y a 15 ans. Mais, à ce moment-là, j'avais sauvé plusieurs fichiers d'Erie, PA. J’ai fait un nouvel examen de ces documents.

De plus, nous savons que Sybilla Long était la fille de Sarah Piper & John Long née en 1850 à Erie PA. Ses frères étaient George Jackson (1843) et William (1845). La note laissée par Sybilla est assez révélatrice.

Sybilla Long-Hugues
Je suis né le 15 février 1850 à Erie Co. Pennsylvanie.
Mon père s'appelait John R. Long, né en Allemagne.
Ma mère s'appelait Sarah Piper. Elle est née en Angleterre.

La famille était à Gaines Orleans, NY, lors du recensement de 1850. Sarah avait pris en charge une sœur et deux frères. Les trois enfants sont nés en Pennsylvanie. Sybilla n'a pas encore un an

Supposons que John était à Erie PA en 1840 à l'âge de 25 ans.
Recensement de 1840 dans le comté d’Erie, Pennsylvanie 
(1) Recensement de 1840 dans le nord-est de l'Erie PA
Ce recensement montre un chef de famille (Samuel) à l'âge d'environ 75 ans. Il a un fils d'environ 25 ans. Dans différents documents, la date de naissance de John (époux de Sarah Piper et Nancy Parker) varie entre 1814 et 1817. Ainsi, ce document pourrait être la famille de John (1815). Mais ce n'est pas la seule famille d'Erie PA qui pourrait être celle de John Long (1815).

(2) Recensement de 1840 à Mill Creek Erie PA
Il y a aussi la famille de Jacob Long avec un fils d'environ 25 ans.

(3) Recensement de 1840 dans la région de Erie Erie Pennsylvanie
Il y a une troisième famille (William) représentant un homme d'environ 25 ans. Cette famille pourrait ne pas comprendre un individu né en 1815 du nom de John Long.

En 1850, la famille de John (1815) et Sarah Piper avait déménagé de Erie PA à Gaines Orleans NY.

dimanche 10 novembre 2019

Thomas Long

(English version follows the French version)
Certificat de décès de Dennis Waite, ancêtre de Jeffrey L. Waite
à Moran Clearfield le 15 février 1938.
On indique que son père est William Waite. 
En fait, son père biologique serait Thomas Long,
ce qui expliquerait le lien génétique entre 
Jeffrey, Darl, James Kenneth & Gilles Long
Un test d’ADN reliant des familles Long
Il y a environ 15 années, le résultat du test d’ADN de Gilles Long publié sur Ancestry nous montrait que les descendants de Philip Long étaient de proches parents de deux familles de la Pennsylvanie, celle de Darl Long & celle de Jeffrey L. Waite. Ces familles, comme la nôtre, cherchent désespérément leurs ancêtres qui ont vécu avant 1800.

Les efforts faits auprès de Darl n’ont pas donné les résultats escomptés. Cependant, mes travaux ont permis d’apporter des éclaircissements pour ses ancêtres nés de 1800 à 1900.

Quant à Jeffrey L. Waite, il ne semblait avoir aucune foi dans ces résultats et était très avare de commentaires à ce sujet. Comment un dénommé Waite de Pennsylvanie pouvait-il être de la parenté d’une famille Long du Canada? 

Jeffrey nous a dit à cette époque que sa famille était consciente que l’une de ses ancêtres mariée à un dénommé Waite au cours de la Guerre civile américaine 1861-1865 avait eu relation extramaritale, ce qui pouvait expliquer qu'il soit du même groupe haplo que le nôtre.

En 2017, j’ai repris contact avec lui et il a accepté que je cherche à résoudre ce dilemme qui avait cours dans sa famille depuis 1860. Il a aussi compris qu'à la suite de ce travail, s’il n’apportait pas une réponse claire, il disposerait d’une grande documentation à propos de sa famille et que le tout pourrait lui être utile éventuellement.

Ma recherche a duré trois mois, à sept jours par semaine. J’ai amassé des centaines de dossiers de toutes sortes. Régulièrement, je lui faisais parvenir un résumé de mes travaux. Vous avez compris que, en cherchant les ancêtres de Darl Long et ceux de Jeffrey L. Waite, je cherche les miens. Je n’ai pas à vous le préciser....

Ceux qui affirmaient que tout ce travail était inutile, et qui le croient toujours, se sont carrément trompés. Je viens tout juste de découvrir une autre raison qui ajoute de la véracité à mon affirmation. J’ai maintenant l’information qui permet de résoudre le dilemme Long-Waite.

Je dois aussi vous expliquer pourquoi je travail en fonction d’une hypothèse et que je publie le résultat de mon travail en cours de route. D’abord, lorsque l’hypothèse formulée n’est pas vérifiée comme on le souhaite, ça ne signifie nullement que je n’ai rien trouvé. Ça signifie plutôt qu’une piste de moins reste à explorer. Ensuite, une recherche en généalogie passe par la recherche de documents, ce qui me semble plus efficace que de jongler avec des histoires inventées de toutes pièces sans avancer un seul document pour appuyer ces histoires.

Revenons à Jeffrey L. Waite. Je vais être bref.

Dennis Weight, fils de Lavinia Heyman
Lavinia Heyman, fille de Richard & Marry Ann, est née en 1841 en Pennsylvanie (PA). Elle figure pour la première fois dans le recensement de 1850 fait à Asylum, Bradford, PA. Elle est alors âgée de 9 ans. En 1860, selon cet autre recensement, elle n’habite plus chez ses parents maintenant établis à Morris, Clearfield, PA. En 1860, Lavinia a donc 19 ans. En 1870, Richard Heyman & Marry Ann vivent à Decatur, Clearfield, PA. Où Lavinia habite-t-elle en 1860? Il y avait plus d’une fille du nom de Laviana Heyman dans cette région de la PA à cette époque. J’ai trouvé celle qui est l’ancêtre de Jeffrey.

En 1870, Laviana habite avec Joseph Johnson avec qui elle a eu deux enfants : Clark (4 ans) & Robert (3 ans). Son frère, Jonathan Hayman y habite aussi. Le recensement montre aussi la présence de Dennis Weight qui est l’ancêtre paternel de Jeffrey L. Waite. En fait, Dennis est à coup sûr l’enfant de Laviana Heyman et d’un partenaire Long. Qui est ce partenaire Long?

En 2017, j’avais trouvé des candidats Long qui pouvaient être le père biologique de Dennis, mais sans pouvoir préciser son identité. Maintenant, nous le pouvons. Cependant, j’en connaissais un qui demeurait à Morris, Clearfield, dans le voisinage de Laviana : Thomas Long né en PA, fils d’Isaac né à Rhodes Island É-U. Je n’avais aucune preuve documentaire qui établissait un lien entre Laviana et Thomas : d’autres liens étaient aussi possibles.

Au cours de cette recherche en Pennsylvanie, je n’ai trouvé aucune trace de mon ancêtre Philip.....qui est probablement né sur la planète Mars!

Laviana Heyman & Thomas Long, tous les deux habitants de Morris, Clearfield, PA
En 1870, Thomas Long habite à Morris, Clearfield, PA. Il est né en 1828, fils d’Isaac, marié à Mary E. Lienhardt. Nous savons aussi qu’à la même date Laviana Heyman habite à Morris et qu’elle est mariée à Joseph Johnson. D’après le recensement, les deux habitent dans le même voisinage.

Une autre famille Long de la PA liée à la famille L*NG du Madawaska
Il y a quelques mois, j’ai reçu un courriel de Gilles Long qui mentionnait qu’une autre famille Long de la PA avait un lien avec la nôtre, celle de Thomas Long, fils d’Isaac. J’ai retrouvé ce dossier hier (9 novembre 2019). J’ai immédiatement consulté l’arbre de famille d’Isaac sur Ancestry et ma documentation datant de 2017. J’ai vite réalisé que le père biologique de Dennis Waite (Weight, Wecht) est sans aucun doute Thomas Long né en 1828. Les descendants d'Isaac n'ont pu à ce jour trouver les parents d'Isaac né au Rhodes Island.

Toutes ces familles Long de notre groupe haplo n'arrivent pas à trouver leurs ancêtres avant 1800. Ce n'est pas la première fois que j'explique ce fait de la façon suivante: les documents civils et religieux aux États-Unis avant 1800 sont partiels, rares et très peu informateurs.

En conclusion, tout travail de recherche concernant mon ancêtre Philip Long n’est pas inutile. Jeffery L. Waite de Clearfield PA sera avisé de cette précision grâce à son test d’ADN et de celui de Gilles Long.
Quelques documents tirés de mon fichier de 2017
Document # 1
Recensement de 1850 de la famille de Laviana Heyman
à Asylum Bradford PA

Document # 2
Recensement de 1860 de la famille de Richard Heyman & Mary Ann
(les parents de Laviana)
à Morris Clearfield PA

Document # 3
Recensement de la famille de Joseph Johnson & Laviana Heyman
à Morris Clearfield PA en 1870

Document # 4
Recensement de la famille de Thomas Long & Mary E Leinhardt
à Morris Clearfield PA en 1870

Document # 5
Même événement

Document # 6
Recensement de la famille de William Weight & Abby L
à Morris Clearfield PA en 1870.
William est remarié à Abby L. qui avait déjà eu un enfant
avec un dénommé Thompson. 
En 1870, le couple ont ajouté trois enfants: Mary, William & George.

Document # 7
Recensement de la famille d'Isaac Long et d'autres Long
à Miles Centre PA en 1830.

Document # 8
Décès de Thomas Long 
à Morris Clearfield PA le 6 juillet 1909.

 English version
A DNA test linking Long families
About 15 years ago, the results of Gilles Long's DNA test published on Ancestry showed us that Philip Long's descendants were close relatives of two Pennsylvania families, Darl Long's & Jeffrey L. Waite's. These families, like ours, are desperate to find their ancestors who lived before 1800.

Efforts made for Darl have not yielded the expected results. However, my work has allowed me to add new information for his ancestors born between 1800 and 1900.

As for Jeffrey L. Waite, he seemed to have no faith in these results and was very shy about commenting on them. How could a Waite from Pennsylvania be related to a Long family in Canada

Nevertheless, he told us at that time that his family was aware that one of his ancestors married to a man named Waite during the American Civil War 1861-1865 had an extramarital relationship.

In 2017, I contacted him again and he agreed that I would try to resolve this dilemma that had been with his family since 1860. He also understood that if my work did not not produce a clear answer, he would have a lot of documentation about his family and that everything could be useful in the future.

My search lasted three months, seven days a week. I have collected hundreds of files of all kinds. I regularly sent him a summary of my work. You have understood that, in searching for the ancestors of Darl Long and Jeffrey L. Waite, I am searching for my own. I didn't have to tell you that......

Those who said that all this work was useless, and who still believe it, were absolutely wrong. I have just discovered another reason that adds truth to my statement. I now have the information to solve the Long-Waite dilemma.

I also have to explain why I work on a hypothesis and publish the result of my work along the way. First, when the hypothesis formulated is not verified as desired, it does not mean that I have not found anything. Rather, it means that one less avenue remains to be explored. Second, a genealogical research involves searching for documents, which seems to me to be more effective than juggling with invented stories without advancing a single document to support these stories.

Let's go back to Jeffrey L. Waite. I'll be brief.

Dennis Weight, son of Lavinia Heyman
Lavinia Heyman, daughter of Richard & Marry Ann, was born in 1841 in Pennsylvania (PA). She appears in the 1850 census in Asylum, Bradford, PA. She is 9 years old. In 1860, according to this other census, she no longer lives with her parents, now living in Morris, Clearfield, PA. In 1860, Lavinia was 19 years old. In 1870, Richard Heyman & Marry Ann lived in Decatur, Clearfield, PA. Where did Lavinia live in 1860? There was more than one girl named Laviana Heyman in this area of the PA at that time. I found the one who is Jeffrey's ancestor.

In 1870, Laviana lived with Joseph Johnson with whom she had two children: Clark (4 years old) & Robert (3 years old). His brother, Jonathan Hayman, also lives there. The census also shows the presence of Dennis Weight who is the paternal ancestor of Jeffrey L. Waite. In fact, Dennis is definitely the child of Laviana Heyman and a Long partner. Who is this Long partner?

In 2017, I had found Long candidates who could be Dennis' biological father, but I could not specify his identity. Now we can. However, I knew of one who lived in Morris, Clearfield, near Laviana: Thomas Long born in PA, son of Isaac born in Rhodes Island USA. I had no documentary evidence that established a link between Laviana and Thomas: other links were also possible.

During this research in Pennsylvania, I found no trace of my ancestor Philip....who was probably born on Mars!

Laviana Heyman & Thomas Long, both residents of Morris, Clearfield, PA
In 1870, Thomas Long lives in Morris, Clearfield, PA. He was born in 1828, son of Isaac, married to Mary E. Lienhardt. We also know that on the same date Laviana Heyman lives in Morris and is married to Joseph Johnson. According to the census, both live in the same neighbourhood.

Another Long family from PA related to the Madawaska L*NG family
A few months ago, I received an email from Gilles Long mentioning that another Long family in the PA was related to ours, that of Thomas Long, son of Isaac. I found this file yesterday (November 9, 2019). I immediately consulted Isaac's family tree on Ancestry and my 2017 documentation. I quickly realized that Dennis Waite's biological father (Weight, Wecht) is undoubtedly Thomas Long born in 1828. The offsprings of Isaac have not been able up to now to pinpoint who are the parents of Isaac.

All these Long families in our haplogroup were unable to find their ancestors before 1800. This is not the first time I have explained this fact in the following way: civil and religious documents in the United States before 1800 are partial, rare and very few informative.

Therefore, any research work concerning my ancestor Philip Long is not useless. Jeffrey L. Waite of Clearfield PA will be notified of this accuracy thanks to his DNA test and Gilles Long's.

A few documents extracted from my 2017 file
Document # 1
1850 Census of Laviana Heyman's family
in Asylum Bradford PA

Document # 2
1860 Census of Richard & Mary Ann's family
in Morris Clearfield PA

Document # 3
1870 Census of Joseph Johnson & Laviana Heyman's family
in Morris Clearfield PA.
Dennis, Jeffrey ancestor is living with her mother

Document # 4
1870 Census of the family of Thomas Long Mary E. Leinhardt
in Morris Clearfield PA

Document # 5
Same event

Document # 6
1870 Census of William Waite & Abby L.
in Morris Clearfield PA.
William has remarried with Abby L. who already had one child
with a man named Thompson.
In 1870, the couple had added three children: Mary, William & George.

Document # 7

1830 Census of Isaac's family and other Longs
in Miles Centre PA.

Document # 8
Death of Thomas Long
in Morris Clearfield PA on July 6th, 1909.

lundi 14 octobre 2019

Georges Sirois

Rendons à Georges Sirois ce qui appartient à Georges Sirois
Mgr Ernest Lang
La contribution du professeur Georges Sirois à notre recherche sur les origines de Philip Long a été sous-estimée, à mon humble avis. C’est grâce à son initiative que nous persistons encore de nos jours à chercher le lieu de naissance de notre ancêtre.

1. De 1923 à 1974
Jusqu’en 1974, Mgr Ernest Lang disposait de documents ecclésiastiques relatifs à la famille de Philip Long & Marie-Julie Couillard-Després. Puisqu’il avait été vicaire à St-Basile, il a découvert les premiers baptistaires des enfants du couple, ainsi que des certificats de décès et de mariages.

En 1936, alors qu’il se rendait au Musée de Québec dans l’espoir d’obtenir des informations quant à la « Fortune des L*NG », il s’est arrêté à Rivière-du-Loup où il a découvert d’autres documents liés à la famille L*NG.

2. L’avocat Chamberland et la Fortune des L*NG
L’avocat Chamberland accompagnait Mgr Lang au Musée de Québec. Curieusement, il avait reçu des Archives d’Ottawa une lettre datée du 14 septembre 1936 dans laquelle on disait ceci :

Philip Long était courrier transportant la malle au Nouveau-Brunswick et il semble avoir obtenu la concession d’un terrain quelque part sur le bord du Lac Témiscouata, mais je ne trouve aucun acte de concession.

Il est évident que l’avocat Chamberland avait écrit plutôt aux Archives d’Ottawa afin de trouver des preuves que Philip Long était propriétaire de la Seigneurie de Témiscouata et du Madawaska : ladite Fortune des L*NG. Mgr Lang ne savait pas en 1936 qu’il existait un dossier militaire concernant Philip Long.

3. Le certificat de mariage de Philip Long & Marie-Julie Couillard-Després
Le 14 novembre 1956, Mgr Lang a reçu une copie du certificat de mariage de Philip & Marie-Julie qui s’étaient mariés le 6 décembre 1792 à la cathédrale anglicane de Québec. Ce seul document aurait dû lui mettre la puce à l’oreille. Sa documentation, bien que modeste, suffisait à intriguer n’importe quel membre de la famille. Il est vrai que, à cette époque, faire de la recherche généalogique n’était pas une sinécure, surtout lorsque l’on vivait loin des grandes bibliothèques.

4. Un article de Robert Pichette
En 1958, suite à un article écrit dans le journal « Le Madawaska » par Robert Pichette, Mgr Lang a appris que Philip était courrier du Roi. Dans son livre, il s’est dit à la fois étonné et enchanté de cette information. Pourtant, il en avait été avisé 22 années plus tôt par les Archives d’Ottawa.

Il a fallu attendre la visite de Georges Sirois, professeur à Ottawa, aux environs de 1974 pour que Mgr Lang se remette à sa recherche qu’il avait entamée en 1923.

5. Le coup d’envoi donné par Georges Sirois en 1974
À part le document de Robert Pichette, tous les autres que Mgr Lang possédait étaient de nature ecclésiastique et ne le renseignaient pas sur les origines de Philip.

Georges Sirois se rendait souvent aux Archives d’Ottawa dans le cadre de son travail. C’est ainsi qu’il a découvert le dossier militaire de Philip Long. Cette découverte a relancé la recherche de Mgr Lang et a été la rampe de lancement des autres chercheurs par la suite.

C’est grâce au dossier militaire de Philip que nous avons fait des progrès et non à cause des documents ecclésiastiques qui ne renfermaient pas d’informations sur les origines probables de Philip.

Georges Sirois a tracé la voie à Mgr Lang qui n’a pas perdu de temps pour solliciter des Archives d’Ottawa d'autres documents qui se rapporteraient à notre ancêtre. Ses demandes ne sont pas restées vaines. Il a publié ces documents dans son livre intitulé « L’Héritage des Lang (Long). Récit biographique, généalogique et historique de John Philip Long (1757-1832) ».

Vous connaissez la suite de l'histoire.....

Let us give back to Georges Sirois what belongs to Georges Sirois
Bishop Ernest Lang
Professor Georges Sirois contribution to our research on Philip Long's origins has been underestimated, in my humble opinion. It is thanks to his initiative that we still persist today in searching for the birthplace of our ancestor.

1. From 1923 to 1974
Until 1974, Bishop Ernest Lang had ecclesiastical documents relating to the family of Philip Long & Marie-Julie Couillard-Després. Since he had been vicar in St. Basile, he discovered the first birth certificates of the couple's children, as well as death certificates.

In 1936, while traveling to the Musée de Québec in the hope of obtaining information about the "Fortune of the L*NG", he stopped at Rivière-du-Loup where he discovered other documents related to the L*NG family.

2. The lawyer Chamberland and the L*NG'S Fortune
Lawyer Chamberland accompanied Bishop Lang to the Musée de Québec. Curiously, he had received a letter from the Ottawa Archives dated September 14, 1936, in which it stated the following:

Philip Long was a courier carrying mail to New Brunswick and he seems to have obtained a land grant somewhere on the shores of Lake Temiscouata, but I can't find any deed of grant.

It is obvious that lawyer Chamberland had written to the Ottawa Archives hoping to find evidence that Philip Long owned the Seigneurie of Temiscouata and Madawaska: the so-called L*NG'S Fortune. Bishop Lang did not know in 1936 that there was a military file on Philip Long.

3. The marriage certificate of Philip Long & Marie-Julie Couillard-Després
On November 14, 1956, Bishop Lang received a copy of the marriage certificate of Philip & Marie-Julie who had married on December 6, 1792 at the Anglican Cathedral in Quebec City. This one document alone should have tipped him off. His documentation, although modest, was enough to intrigue any member of the family. At that time, doing genealogical research was no easy task, especially when you live far from large libraries.

4. An article by Robert Pichette
In 1958, following an article written in the newspaper "Le Madawaska" by Robert Pichette, Bishop Lang learned that Philip was a King's courier. In his book, he said he was both surprised and delighted with this information. Yet he had been notified 22 years earlier by the Ottawa Archives.

It was not until the visit of Georges Sirois, professor in Ottawa, around 1974 that Bishop Lang resumed his research, which he had begun in 1923.

5. The launch given by Georges Sirois in 1974
Apart from Robert Pichette's document, all the others that Bishop Lang owned were ecclesiastical in nature and did not inform him of Philip's origins.

Georges Sirois often visited the Ottawa Archives as part of his work. That's how he discovered Philip Long's military file. This discovery relaunched Bishop Lang's research and was the launch pad for other researchers later on.

It is thanks to Philip's military record that we have made progress and not because of the church documents that did not contain information on Philip's probable origins.

Georges Sirois paved the way for Bishop Lang, who did not waste any time soliciting the Ottawa Archives for any other document related to our ancestor. His requests were not in vain. He published these documents in his book entitled "L'Héritage des Lang (Long). Biographical, genealogical and historical account of John Philip Long (1757-1832)".

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