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vendredi 23 octobre 2020

No 1

Philip Long
A German mercenary soldier
(3rd English-Waldeck Mercenary Regiment)
during the American Revolutionary War
of 1775-1783
During the second half of the ARW, Philip Long switched
companies, but they were all cavalry regiments.
I think this picture fits him quite well,
since he was 23 when he set foot in America in 1776.
The birthplace of my ancestor, Philip Long, has been the subject of intense debates for a very long time in my family. In 1923, Mgr Ernest Lang started a research that is still going on today.

In 1976, he published a book titled, L’héritage des Lang (Long). Récit bibliographique, généalogique et historique de John Philip Long (1757-1832). It wasn’t the end of the research: it was rather the beginning! His book contained a shaky hypothesis, but also a ton of historical documents about Philip’s life in Canada.

Since that publication, many members of my family have made colossal efforts over decades to refine the hypothesis of Mgr Ernest. Read about them in section No. 15 of the blog. They are: Ghislain Long, Benoît Long and Gilles Long. They share one particular characteristic that I consider essential to get at some significant result in this kind of research: they work with hypotheses and their conclusions are based of documents. They do what we call a « documentary research ». This kind of research is not done around a kitchen table. A genealogical research is surely an efficient way to learn to deal with frustrations. 

Lately, I have made an effort to find the birthplace of Philip. Time is not on my side anymore and very few younger members of the Long/Lang family seem interested in pursuing this endeavor. Nevertheless, everyone is longing to have this question answered once and for all.

My research lasted two months. I am 99% confident that Philip Long was a German mercenary soldier during the American Revolutionary War of 1775-1783 in the  2nd Waldeck Company (Third English-Waldeck Mercenary Regiment). I still need to gather more information to complete my research. Since I’m working with German collaborators, it will take some time to put a definite end to my research. Be patient. That last stretch of the research is time-consuming and expensive. My priority is to get a particular and decisive document in Germany. From his military file, I know where he lived before leaving Germany for America. Till then, get your hand on a history book about the Hessians.

As soon as I will get some new and important information, you will be advised through the Facebook group, Clair, NB. 

Don’t write to me saying that you already had it figured out a long time ago.
But, if you do, make sure that you have adequate documentation to back it up.

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