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1. List of major battles during the ARW. Journal of the American Revolution.

2. La guerre d’Indépendance des Etats-Unis. Le blog de Carl Pépin. Ph.D., historien.

3. The Hessians. Facts about the Hessians.

4. Internet listing of Hessian soldiers of the Revolution.

5. WIKI about Hesse.

6. Article by Dennis Showalter. Hessians : the best army money could buy.  Very instructive.

7. The Hessians. Blog of Dave Conrad, a descendant of the Hessians who settled in Nova Scotia in 1783.

8. Hessians. Librairy of Mount Vernon University.

9. Musée du Fort à Québec. Superbes photos. Belle suggestion pour votre prochaine visite. Musée situé en face du Château Frontenac.

10. Reports of Dean & Kavanaugh. A MUST for anyone interested by the genealogy of the Long/Lang family and others families in the area of Madawaska County, including a part of Maine.

11. Website from HISTORY.

12. Bruce E. Burgoyne - Hessian expert. Is surely the first expert to consult if you want to learn about the Waldeck regiment.

13. Marburg Archives in Germany.

14. Merz, Johannes Helmut. The Hessians of Quebec. German auxiliary soldiers of the Americam Revolution remaining in Canada. Published by: Seventh Town Historical Society. ISBN 0-9735462-3-9. 613.967.6291. Merx has published many books ou documents on the Hessians. THE MAIN REFERENCE FOR ANY DESCENDANT OF THE HESSIANS INCLUDING THE OTHER REGIMENTS FIRED BY BRITAIN DURING THE ARW.

15. Mann, John. Travels in North America. Reprinted by: Saint Annes Point Press. P.O.Box 691, Fredericton, N.B. Canada. E3B 4K9.ISBN 0-920762-02-6. Reprint of the 1824 ed. published by A. Young, Glasgow.

16. Atwood, Rodney. The Hessians. Mercenaries from Hessen-Kassel in the American Revolution. Cambridge University Press 1980. ISBN 0 521 22884 0

17. Wilhelmy, Jean-Pierre. German Mercenaries in Canada. Maison des mots, Beloeil. Qc. 1985. History of German Auxiliary Troops Settled in Canada.

18. Neal Smith, Clifford. Mercernaries from Hessen-Hanau who remained in Canada and the United States after the American Revolution. German-American Genealogical Research Monograph Number 5. Westland Publications McNeal, Arizona, 1976.

19. Lowell, Edward J.. The Hessians and the other German Auxiliaries of Great Britain in the Revolution War. Corner House Publishers., Williamstown, Massachusetts, 01267, 1975. SBN: 0-87928-012-3.

20. Burgoyne, Bruce E. Waldeck Soldiers of the American Revolutionary War. Heritage Books 2008.

21. Volm, M. H. (1937). The Hessians Prisoners in the American War of Independance and Their Life in Captivity. University of Virginia.

22. Almon, John and Pownall.  The Remembrancer, Or Impartial Repository of Public Events, Volume 12, 1781, London.


24. Braisted, Todd. The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies

25. Burgoyne, Bruce E. (2008). The 3rd English-Waldeck Regiment in the American Revolution. Heritage Books. Westminster, Maryland.

26. Doyle, Robert C. (2010) . The Enemy in Our Hands. America’s Treatment of Our Prisoners of War from the Revolution the War on Terror. University Press of Kentucky.


28. Hagist, Don N. (2014) Article : Would they change their names?, Journal of the American Revolution, July 28 2014.


30. Mercenaires allemands au Canada

31. Merz, Helmut Merz

32. Wikipedia. Loyalists fighting in the American Revolution

33. Wilhelmy, Jean-Pierre. Les mercenaires allemands au Québec 1776-1783, Éditions Septentrion, 1997, nouvelle édition 2009.  

34. Krebs, Daniel (1974). A Generous and Merciful Enemy. Life for German Prisoners of War during the American Revolution. Campaigns & Commanders. Gregory J. W. Urwin. Series Editor. University of Oklahoma Press.

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